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August 2009, Volume 39 Number 8 , p 34 - 39


  • Elizabeth Neville Regan RN, MSN
  • Lisa Dallachiesa RN, BS


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Regan, Elizabeth Neville RN, MSN; Dallachiesa, Lisa RN, BS

Issue: Volume 39(8), August 2009, p 34–39 Publication Type: [Feature] Publisher: © 2009 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Institution(s): Elizabeth Neville Regan is a nursing educator coordinator and Lisa Dallachiesa is a nursing educator at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md. Learn all about managing a 'trach' to protect your patient from complications. The authors have disclosed that they have no financial relationships related to this article. Figure. No caption available.

A TRACHEOSTOMY IS an opening in the anterior wall of the trachea inferior to the cricoid cartilage. Made surgically or percutaneously, it provides tracheal access for airway management via a temporary or permanent tracheostomy tube. Patients with tracheostomies aren't limited to critical care settings and can be found in all nursing units. No matter where you work, you need a basic understanding of the nursing care required for these patients. In this article, we'll ...

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