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Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

August 2012, Volume 10 Number 4 , p 5 - 6


  • Phyllis J. Dunn MSN, RN


At the beginning of every nurse's career, the driving force is the care of patients from the onset of illness through recovery. However, burnout is a global nursing workforce challenge, which some experts say undermines nurse retention. The literature suggests that burnout is the number one reason for the inability of facilities to retain nurses.One study identified three dimensions of burnout: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization (or cynicism), and a feeling of a lack of personal accomplishment. Other studies have explored environmental factors, such as job dissatisfaction, extreme workload, and lack of senior leadership support. The economy plays a role in nurse burnout as well; many facilities are relying on voluntary and mandatory overtime to solve staffing problems, leading to nurses' exhaustion and dissatisfied with their jobs.Factors that influence nurse burnout include both physical and mental exhaustion, the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end job, and feeling unappreciated

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