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Journal of Nursing Care Quality

April 1999, Volume 13 Number 4 , p 47 -


  • Donna Beger MSN, RNC, LCCE
  • Frank Messenger RPh
  • Sharon Roth BSN, RN


A patient satisfaction survey at Missouri Baptist Medical Center revealed that patients experiencing a vaginal delivery needed to wait for their medications and did not consistently receive adequate information about medications. Furthermore, a chart review noted that physicians ordered a wide variety of medications for their patients but that the patients did not always use all their medications. A review of patients’ accounts determined that their medications were costly. A multidisciplinary team using the FOCUS-PDCA quality improvement model designed and implemented a self-administered medication packet. Outcomes included continued patient satisfaction with decreases in cost, narcotic use, and medication errors.

Key words: continuous quality improvement, cost containment, FOCUS-PDCA, medication errors, model of care, narcotic use, patient education, postpartum care, self-administered medication

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