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OR Nurse 2015

September 2013, Volume 7 Number 5 , p 48 - 48


  • Donna A. Ford MSN, RN-BC, CNOR


Prevention of needlesticks and sharps injuries continues to be a hot topic for nurses. In the July issue, we offered five ways to avoid this dangerous situation. Now, we offer five more useful tips for preventing needlesticks and sharps injuries.Numerous evidence-based research studies support the use of safer devices, such as blunt suture needles and work practice controls, such as double-gloving.1,2 Wearing two pairs of surgical gloves has two benefits: protecting the patient from surgical site infections and protecting the surgical staff from bloodborne pathogen exposure. When two pairs of gloves are worn, the inner glove is less likely to be perforated.2 Research also supports double-gloving to help reduce the risk of surgical site infections.2 Using a neutral zone to minimize the potential for injury when passing sharps is another safe handling practice. Be sure that team members are aware of this evidence and present it in a succinct manner in locations where they'll have time to

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