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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association

April 2010, Volume 2 Number 2 , p 75 - 79



The nursing profession is committed to the patient, the family, and the community. The principles and recommendations listed below were crafted to illustrate the fundamental components of healthcare reform that Congress should incorporate to ensure all patients have access to the exceptional, quality care provided by America's nurses.The undersigned nursing organizations are dedicated stakeholders in the reform of our nation's health system and are valuable participants that should be involved with every discussion regarding impending change. The Nursing Community, (a collaboration of nursing organizations, representing nursing students, registered nurses (RNs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), nurse executives, nursing educators, and researchers), understands the need to invest in a healthcare system that is patient-centered, comprehensive, affordable, accessible, and delivers the quality of care all people in America deserve. Building this environment requires drawing on the full complement of expertise gained from broad-based, inter-professional partnerships. Nurses fundamentally believe that Congress and the Administration must act to expand patients' access to affordable, high-quality healthcare coverage. To effectively meet the nation's 21st century health demands, the Nursing Community urges the Administration and Congress to incorporate the following principles in crafting and implementing any reform measures:1. There is a continuing shortage of professional Registered Nurses who are the single largest group of healthcare professionals in the country and are critical to the delivery of high quality, life-saving, preventive, and palliative health care across all care settings, geographic areas, socio-economic factors, and cultures.Recommendation: Over a seven year period, strategically invest $2 billion in the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs to support 400,000 of the one million new and replacement nurses needed by 2016.Recommendation:

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