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Nursing Management

March 2010, Volume 41 Number 3 , p 48 - 50


  • Michelle Dorin PhD, RN


Continuing education and staff development are how nurses stay abreast of current best practices and trends. But have you ever been dissatisfied with a staff-development session you've attended and wondered whether you could organize a better one? Have you thought it would be fun to try?If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider becoming a staff-development specialist. This article gives you an overview of what these nurses do and can help you decide whether to move into this career. (See What's in a name?)Staff-development specialists are simply nurse educators who teach in hospitals. Most hospitals employ two types of educators: hospital-based and unit-based staff-development specialists. If the hospital has sufficient financial resources, it may also employ specialty nurse educators who concentrate on areas such as diabetes, ostomy/wound care, and cardiac care.Most hospital-based staff-development specialists have an MSN degree, although some employers accept

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