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September 2009, Volume 39 Number 9 , p 64 - 64


  • Susan Simmons Holcomb ARNP-BC, PhD


ACCOMPANIED BY HIS father, Johnny Bray, 10, arrives in the ED by ambulance after collapsing on the field during soccer practice on a hot summer day. He's on 100% oxygen via non-rebreather mask and has 0.9% sodium chloride solution infusing through a peripheral vascular access device. You attach him to a cardiac monitor, which shows sinus tachycardia. You take his vital signs: temperature, 40° C (104° F) via tympanic thermometer; heart rate, 150 beats/minute (normal range for a school-age child, 70 to 110 beats/minute); respirations, 34 (normal range, 15 to 25); and BP, 70/40 mm Hg (normal range, 90 to 110 systolic and 50 to 70 diastolic). ...

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