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June 2009, Volume 39 Number 6 , p 56cc1 - 56cc5


  • Kathleen R. Dobbin RN, ACNP-CS, MS
  • Valerie M. Howard RN, MSN


Dobbin, Kathleen R. RN, ACNP-CS, MS; Howard, Valerie M. RN, MSN

Paul Long, 72, arrives at your ED with a 3-day history of increasing shortness of breath and fever. A chest X-ray reveals a moderate right lower lobe pleural effusion. Mr. Long has a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and occasionally needs treatment with prednisone for COPD exacerbations. Shortly after his arrival, he has a computed tomography (CT)–guided chest tube placed to drain the effusion, which was found to be an empyema. Now he's ...

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