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February 2009, Volume 39 Number 2 , p 60 - 61


  • Clifford Gevirtz MD, MPH


Gevirtz, Clifford MD, MPH

Issue: Volume 39(2), February 2009, p 60–61 Publication Type: […&more: CONTROLLING PAIN] Publisher: © 2009 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Institution(s): Clifford Gevirtz is clinical associate professor in the department of anesthesiology at Louisiana State University-New Orleans, and medical director of Somnia Pain Management in Harrison, N.Y. Adapted from Gevirtz C, Post-Transplantation Pain Syndromes, Topics in Pain Management, March 2008.

DESPITE PIONEERING WORK in transplant medicine and surgery, one aspect of the patient experience has been overlooked—management of chronic pain in the months and years following transplant surgery. Caring for patients battling cancer, heart disease, and other life-threatening disorders, clinicians may focus more on the success of the graft and not enough on the patient's comfort and quality of life.

Forsberg and colleagues were the first to study pain and other factors influencing the health-related quality ...

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