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May 2008, Volume 38 Number 5 , p 58 - 58


  • Clifford Gevirtz MD, MPH


Gevirtz, Clifford MD, MPH

Issue: Volume 38(5), May 2008, p 58 Publication Type: [Department: …& more: CONTROLLING PAIN] Publisher: © 2008 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Institution(s): Clifford Gevirtz is clinical associate professor of the department of anesthesiology at Louisiana State University-New Orleans; medical director of Somnia Pain Management in Harrison, N.Y.; and editor of Topics in Pain Management.

BRACING A PAINFUL LIMB is an ancient concept. Hippocrates described using sticks to immobilize a limb for pain relief and to speed healing. Today, the use of bracing and splinting varies widely among specialists who treat painful limbs and the spine. In this article, I'll discuss the indications, limitations, and complications that may arise from bracing and serial splinting.

Orthotics: What and why

An orthotic is an external device applied ...

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