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May 2008, Volume 38 Number 5 , p 55 - 56


  • Susan Hunter RN, MSN
  • Julie W. Anderson RN, CCRC, PhD
  • Diane Langemo RN, PhD, FAAN
  • Darlene Hanson RN, MS
  • Patricia A. Thompson RN, MS


Hunter, Susan RN, MSN; Anderson, Julie W. RN, CCRC, PhD; Langemo, Diane RN, PhD, FAAN; Hanson, Darlene RN, MS; Thompson, Patricia A. RN, MS

Issue: Volume 38(5), May 2008, p 55–56 Publication Type: [Department: …& more: WOUND & SKIN CARE] Publisher: © 2008 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Institution(s): At the University of North Dakota College of Nursing in Grand Forks, N.D., Susan Hunter and Julie W. Anderson are associate professors of nursing, Diane Langemo is Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Darlene Hanson is a clinical associate professor of nursing, and Patricia A. Thompson is a clinical assistant professor of nursing.

MRS. PAYNE BRINGS her daughter Chloe, age 4, into the pediatric clinic where you're working. She reports that Chloe has been rubbing and scratching her face, neck, and the inside areas of her elbows. Chloe says that ...

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