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December 2007, Volume 37 Number 12 , p 17 - 17


  • Tina Crowell-Grimme BSN
  • Lois A. Garner CNA, BSN, MS


Crowell-Grimme, Tina BSN; Garner, Lois A. CNA, BSN, MS

Tina Crowell-Grimme is a staff float nurse and Lois A. Garner is a clinical nurse-manager for resource and support services at Kettering (Ohio) Medical Center.

EVEN AN EXPERIENCED FLOAT nurse can encounter overwhelming challenges in an unfamiliar unit, as can any nurse working in a unit new to him. To help these nurses keep their heads above water, we launched a project called “Bringing Excellence to Variability” (BEV) in our 522-bed Magnet facility. (The acronym also honors the project's originator, Bev Martin.)

In this article, we'll describe how we developed a program to orient novice nurses and to keep our expert float nurses up-to-date on 21 patient-care units.

For float nurses (or any nurse who's not familiar with a particular unit), getting answers to simple but important questions can be time-consuming and frustrating. To tackle this problem, we sought ...

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