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October 2007, Volume 37 Number 10 , p 42 - 43


  • Jane Stringfellow Hayden LPN


Hayden, Jane Stringfellow LPN

Jane Stringfellow Hayden, a former long-term-care nurse, is writing a book of short stories about positive experiences in long-term health care. Figure. No caption available.

MY EVENING SHIFT in a long-term-care facility started out routinely. I had no new residents to admit, and no one seemed to be in the final hours of life. Deciding we all needed a bit of distraction from the facility's predictable routine, I found a CD player and chose some music to help pass the evening. Frank Sinatra was everyone's favorite, so I selected a recording of his greatest hits. In a short time, several residents had pulled up chairs in the hallway to listen.

“All right everyone, tonight we're going to be entertained by the unique crooning of none other than Frank Sinatra himself.” Hearing some weak clapping, I thought, This is a tough crowd tonight, Frankie. I hope you're up ...

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