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August 2007, Volume 37 Number 8 , p 26 - 28


  • Charlene Vollmer RN, BC, BSN
  • Catherine Rich RN, BC, MBA, MSN
  • Sherry Robinson RN, C, PhD


At Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Ill., Charlene Vollmer is a clinical nurse III in the urology/nephrology unit and chairperson of the unit-based council, Catherine Rich is nurse-manager for the urology/nephrology and renal transplant units, and Sherry Robinson is nursing research advisor. Dr. Robinson is also a gerontological clinical nurse specialist for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield.

MANY PATIENTS admitted to our urology/nephrology unit are at high risk for delirium: many are older adults with multiple chronic illnesses, including renal failure. Over the past year, we accomplished the goal of becoming restraint-free, and our unit-based council decided its next goal would be to focus on preventing delirium. We wanted to emphasize prevention because delirium is difficult to treat once it develops. ...

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