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July 2007, Volume 37 Number 7 , p 15 - 15


  • Kelli Rosenthal RN, BC, ANP, APRN, BC, CRNI, MS


Kelli Rosenthal is president and chief executive officer of ResourceNurse Continuing Education, Inc., of Long Beach, N.Y., and past president of the Association for Vascular Access.

IS YOUR PRACTICE current with the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) revised standards of practice? When a nurse faces allegations of infusion therapy malpractice, these standards often are cited as the benchmark for establishing whether that nurse has violated the standard of care.

If you administer infusion therapy, it's your responsibility to follow the INS standards, even if infusion therapy isn't your primary area of practice. Your facility's policies and procedures should also reflect the most recent standards. To order a complete copy of the standards, visit .

Let's review some key changes to the INS standards.

* Site selection. To minimize the number of needle sticks the ...

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