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August 2006, Volume 36 Number 8 - Supplement: ED Insider , p 12 - 13


  • Kelly M Adams, RN, CCRN, MSN
  • Helen Russell, RN, C, MSN
  • Christine Walukewicz, RN, CEN, MN


A young man was brought to the emergency department (ED) with gunshot wounds to the chest. The ED lobby soon teemed with his family and friends, many of them wearing red clothes and accessories. As a nurse updated the patient's family on his condition, others in the crowd began swearing and yelling and someone shoved the nurse.

The father of an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit came in sporting tattoos, a colored bandanna on his head, and a football jersey worn backwards—all symbols of gang membership. On the day of the infant's discharge, both parents paid attention and behaved appropriately in the required infant CPR class.

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