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March 2006, Volume 36 Number 3 , p 64cc5 - 64cc6



Thinking of taking the critical care nursing certification exam? This self-test can help you prepare by reviewing key concepts in the CCRN exam offered by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Answers and rationales appear at the end.

1. A 63-year-old man was admitted early this morning, 2 hours after he fell from a scaffold and fractured an arm and a leg. His vital signs on admission were: temperature, 98° F (36.7° C); BP, 150/94; pulse, 102; and respirations, 24. His speech is slurred and he can't recall the events leading up to the accident, but he says he was running late this morning. He has a history of type 2 diabetes. An appropriate immediate nursing action is to a. discuss the importance of eating breakfast when taking insulin and insulin secretagogues. b. make sure he's well covered because he's shaking and seems to be cold. c. obtain a capillary blood glucose level to rule out hypoglycemia. d. ask his spouse if he'd been drinking alcohol this ...

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