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Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

August 2005, Volume 20 Number 4 , p 368 - 376


  • Carlos Rondina MD
  • Walter Videtta MD
  • Gustavo Petroni MD
  • Silvia Lujan MD
  • Pablo Schoon MD
  • Lilian Benito Mori MD
  • Javier Matkovich MD
  • Nancy Carney PhD
  • Randall Chesnut MD


Discussion TBI is a major public health concern in Argentina. However, rehabilitation for TBI is not a part of this countryʼs medical system. The greatest proportion of expired patients in the Argentine sample died of secondary complications such as pneumonia or sepsis, which may have been avoided employing basic medical rehabilitation. The next research questions to be addressed in this population should be designed to identify solutions to the immediate need for rehabilitation, including treatment efficacy questions as well as questions about systems for delivering treatments.

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