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April 2005, Volume 35 Number 4 , p 73 - 75




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    1. Ms. Brown, 62, is receiving doxorubicin for treatment of Stage III adenocarcinoma of the lung. Her platelet count is 10,000/mm3. Based on this finding, the most appropriate nursing intervention is to

    a. provide oral hygiene every 4 hours.

    b. monitor her temperature every 4 hours.

    c. check all stools for occult blood.

    d. encourage her to wear loose-fitting clothing.

    2. A pulse oximetry monitor indicates that the patient's Spo2 has dropped from 96% to 85% over 4 hours. Which of the following would you do first?

    a. Request an order for stat arterial blood gases.

    b. Start the patient on oxygen by nasal cannula at 2 liters/minute.

    c. Notify the health care provider of the change.

    d. Check the position of the probe on the patient's finger or earlobe.

    3. If you're caring for a patient on mechanical ventilation, be concerned about the endotracheal (ET) tube position if

    a. his respiratory rate increases above baseline.

    b. his breaths aren't synchronous with the ventilator.

    c. he needs more suctioning.

    d. his chest movement is uneven.

    4. The most common clinical finding of left-sided heart failure is

    a. an S 3 gallop.

    b. sinus bradycardia.

    c. fever.

    d. ascites.

    5. Which pain medication is indicated for a patient with left-sided heart failure?

    a. hydromorphone

    b. meperidine

    c. morphine

    d. midazolam

    6. Which medications can increase serum digoxin concentrations?

    a. rifampicin and neomycin

    b. cholestyramine and colestipol

    c. sulfasalazine and metoclopramide

    d. amiodarone and diltiazem

    7. The first nursing intervention for a patient admitted to rule out myocardial infarction is

    a. auscultating for adventitious breath sounds.

    b. monitoring ...

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