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January 2005, Volume 35 Number 1 , p 28 - 29




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    Patients with type 2 diabetes get similar glycemic control whether they use injectable insulin only or a regimen that includes inhaled insulin. In a 6-month study, researchers followed 299 people with type 2 diabetes who managed their condition with two or more S.C. insulin injections per day. They had 149 of these patients switch to inhaling the powdered insulin drug Exubera before each meal and taking a single injection of ultralente insulin at bedtime. The other 150 patients continued following their conventional insulin regimen.

    Findings indicate that hemoglobin A1C levels fell similarly in people in both treatment groups. But more people who took inhaled insulin (47%) achieved A1C levels below 7%; only 32% of patients in the conventional treatment group achieved A1C levels below 7%.

    Compared with those who injected insulin, people who inhaled insulin experienced slightly less hypoglycemia but more coughing of ...

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