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January 2005, Volume 35 Number 1 , p 28 - 28



© 2005 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Volume 35(1)             January 2005             p 28 One-shot epidural for hassle-free pain relief [DRUG NEWS: POSTOPERATIVE PAIN]

A new type of epidural analgesia can provide safe, effective pain relief for 48 hours after a single injection. The new drug, morphine sulfate extended-release liposome injection (DepoDur), doesn't require an indwelling catheter and may be given before or during such painful surgical procedures as hip and knee replacement, lower abdominal surgery, and elective cesarean section. A single injection of epidural medication lessens or eliminates some of the risks associated with an epidural infusion via indwelling catheter, such as interference with patient mobility, limited options for anticoagulant therapy, and infection.

In one study of the drug, 487 adults undergoing lower abdominal surgery received either a ...

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