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January 2005, Volume 35 Number 1 , p 27 - 27




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    A BLOOD TRANSFUSION replaces losses from surgery, trauma, or disease. No matter which blood product you administer, you must use proper identification procedures to ensure that the patient receives the correct blood product and that it's compatible with his blood.

    Before administering the transfusion, document that you matched the label on the blood bag to the patient's name, patient's medical record number, patient's blood ABO group and Rh factor, donor's blood ABO group and Rh factor, crossmatch data, blood bank ID number, and expiration date of the product. Also document that the blood or blood component was identified by two health care professionals, who both must sign the slip that comes with the blood and verify that the information is correct.

    Confirm the transfusion prescription and that all the blood product information is correct and ...

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