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December 2004, Volume 34 Number 12 , p 70 - 71




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    Use this practical advice to make this a season of joy.

    1. Create balance . Juggling your schedule to “fit more in” isn't the same thing as creating balance. Balance is an inside job. When you're balanced, you feel centered and calm and can face demanding situations while maintaining an inner sense of peace. Taking time to stop and breathe will help you restore your inner balance.

    2. Manage choices . The holidays are a time when you have an abundance of choices. Be aware that the choices you make today will either increase or decrease the holiday stress you might feel later. Choices can involve what you eat, how much you drink, what social events you attend, and what you spend. Think before you say yes and make frequent use of the word no.

    Figure. No caption available. 3. Get enough sleep . Do you try to get more done by staying up later? This is a common trap during holidays. Over time, ...

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