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December 2004, Volume 34 Number 12 , p 18 - 18




  • Figure. VIOLET LEMAY...

    At the hospital where I work, all nurses are required to complete competency assessments and other activities as part of our annual performance review. Penalties for failing to complete them on time can be harsh, ranging from a written warning to the loss of a yearly raise or bonus .

    Meeting these requirements has become a huge burden. Besides attending a quality improvement staff-education seminar, I'm required to present research about professional accountability and autonomy and attend a lecture about professional growth in the coming month. I won't be paid for the time I'll spend doing this work .

    I support competency assessment in principle, but I already work full-time and don't want to spend my nights and days off sitting in classrooms or writing papers. Can my employer force me to do all this work on my personal time without compensation ?—P.B., MICH.

    Figure. VIOLET LEMAY. The ...

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