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November 2004, Volume 34 Number 11 , p 28 - 28





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    I'm sure you were affected by the death of pioneering thanatologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in August. How did she influence your work? —R.L., N.C.

    I was a bit surprised when I heard news of her death. Even though she once joked with me that she lived on coffee and cigarettes, I somehow believed that she'd magically evade the mortality she so graciously helped others to face.

    Figure. No caption available. When I first heard her speak 31 years ago, I was inspired to follow my affinity for working with dying patients. She taught me to visit with patients before reading their charts, all the better to listen to their symptoms and concerns. I studied all of her books and tapes and attended numerous seminars and workshops, straining to catch every heavily accented word.

    And then I did what any teacher would want an enthusiastic student to do: I developed my own style. I took her wisdom and knowledge ...

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