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October 2004, Volume 34 Number 10 , p 70 - 71




  • Keep costs down

  • Stay safe

  • Have a pleasant trip

  • Make savvy choices

  • Keep contact info handy

  • Fun scrubs

  • Source


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    Whether you're headed to a convention or a family vacation, these tips from an experienced traveler will help smooth the way.

    Keep costs down

    * Compare airfare and lodging costs offered on various discount Web sites; no one site will always have the best price. Also call hotels yourself; you might get an even better rate.

    * Avoid making phone calls from your hotel room phone because many hotels now charge high rates for local calls—even toll-free numbers. Instead, use your cell phone or a public phone.

    Stay safe

    * Use your business address on your luggage tags and hotel registration documents so you aren't advertising ...

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