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October 2004, Volume 34 Number 10 , p 64 - 64




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    MANY DRUG FORMS, such as slow-release, enteric-coated, encapsulated beads, wax-matrix, sublingual, and buccal forms, are made to release their active ingredients over a certain period of time or at preset points after administration. The disruptions caused by crushing or chewing these drug forms can dramatically affect the absorption rate and increase the risk of adverse reactions. Other reasons not to crush or chew these drug forms include such considerations as taste, tissue irritation, and unusual formulation—for example, a capsule within a capsule, a liquid within a capsule, or a multiple-compressed tablet. Avoid crushing the following drugs, listed by brand name, for the reasons noted beside them (see the key below).

    Accutane (IR)

    Aciphex (DR)

    Adalat CC (SSR)

    Advicor (ER)

    Aggrenox (ER)

    Allegra-D (ER)

    Altocor (ER)

    Amnesteem (IR)

    Arthrotec (DR)

    Asacol (DR)

    Augmentin XR (ER)

    Avinza (ER)

    Azulfidine EN-tabs (EC)

    Bellergal-S (SR)

    Biaxin XL (ER)

    Bisacodyl (EC)

    Bontril Slow-Release (SR)

    Breonesin (LF)

    Brexin L.A. (SR)

    Bromfed, Bromfed-PD (SR)

    Calan SR (SSR)

    Carbatrol (ER)

    Cardizem CD, LA, SR (SR)

    Cartia XT (ER)

    Ceclor CD (SR)

    Ceftin (SPT)

    Charcoal Plus DS (EC)

    Chlor-Trimeton Allergy 8-hour and 12-hour (SR)

    Choledyl SA (SR)

    Cipro XR (ER)

    Claritin-D 12-hour or 24-hour (SR)

    Colace (LC)

    Colazal (GC, must reach colon intact)

    Colestid (PC)

    Compazine Spansules (SR)

    Concerta (ER)

    Congess SR (SSR)

    Contac 12 Hour, Maximum Strength 12 Hour (SR)

    Cotazym-S (EC)

    Covera-HS (ER)

    Creon (EC)

    Cytovene (IR)

    Dallergy, Dallergy-JR (SR)

    Deconamine SR (SR)

    Depakene (SR, MMI)

    Depakote (EC) ...

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