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October 2004, Volume 34 Number 10 , p 28 - 28




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    People with type 2 diabetes can improve glycemic control with triple drug therapy, according to a new study. Taking insulin, metformin, and troglitazone improves glycemic control and lowers daily insulin needs without causing weight gain, according to study findings.

    Researchers compared therapy with insulin and metformin or insulin and troglitazone to therapy with all three drugs in 28 people with type 2 diabetes. Patients first received one of the dual drug therapies for 4 months. Then all patients followed the three-drug plan for 4 months.

    Although glycemic control improved with the dual drug therapies, it improved even more with triple drug therapy. After 4 months of triple drug therapy, none of the patients had a hemoglobin A1C level above 7%, and more than half had a hemoglobin A1C level below 6%. Patients also needed significantly less insulin while on the triple drug regimen.

    Patients who initially received ...

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