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April 2004, Volume 34 Number 4 , p 66 - 66





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    Working in an oncology unit, I care for many terminally ill patients. These past 2 weeks have been particularly rough. Normally I'm willing to put in extra time to work with distressed family members. But at the end of my shift yesterday, I found myself running for the door without speaking with a family that could have used some extra support. I felt too drained to go the extra mile .

    I know you have a tough job too. How do you handle the stress ?— D.P., ILL.

    I play as hard as I work, and I know how (and when) to say no. I also eat well (except for those occasional candy bars) and exercise daily.

    The paradox is that when you become stressed and fall into a hectic lifestyle, you're tempted to say, “I don't have time to ride my bike or even take a walk.” This is exactly when you need a change of scenery to get your mind off work.

    Taking care of yourself every day gives ...

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