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March 2004, Volume 34 Number 3 , p 14 - 14




  • Figure. No caption a...

    Last spring, one of the obstetricians at our community hospital, an avid sportsman, took a vacation to fish in Australia. During the few weeks before he left, he induced labor in many of his patients, including some whose delivery dates were up to a month later. All the babies were healthy, but a few were little more than 5 pounds and marginally premature. Now this physician is getting ready for another exotic trip and I'm afraid that history might repeat itself. What should I do? —K.N., ILL.

    Figure. No caption available. As long as the baby's fully developed, inducing labor is considered a medically safe practice. What's not safe (or ethical) is delivering babies to suit a physician's schedule. If you suspect this is happening, gather the evidence you'll need to file a complaint.

    In the month before the physician goes on vacation, record information on each baby due to be delivered during ...

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