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February 2004, Volume 34 Number 2 , p 76 - 76




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    Are you a procrastinator? These three tips will help motivate you to do the things you hate to do most.

    1. Take on big tasks a bite at a time . Most of us hesitate to tackle large or unfamiliar tasks, but breaking them down into manageable steps helps. Write down each step you'll need to take and a target date to accomplish it, then post this task sheet where you can't avoid seeing it. Tell others that you're committed to reaching those goals; you'll be less likely to fall behind if others know them too.

    2. Visualize the task . Sometimes facing a big task can feel overwhelming and make you freeze up. Try to picture the most efficient way to get the task done and see yourself accomplishing it. It will help you remove all the roadblocks you set up.

    3. Take your time . Although you might be tempted to rush through the tasks you hate most, take your time doing them, then ...

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