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February 2004, Volume 34 Number 2 , p 29 - 29




  • Taking precautions

  • Facing facts

  • Source

    MANY PATIENTS take for granted that the foods and drugs they buy are safe. However, if your patients are taking or considering taking any herbal remedies, warn them that this may not be true. No government agency reviews these products for quality, dosage, safety, or efficacy. Also advise them of the general precautions and specific warnings listed below.

    Taking precautions

    Before using any herbal product, patients should consult their regular health care providers, especially if they're also taking a prescription drug. By the same token, they should let any complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) provider they're seeing know about prescription drugs they're taking.

    Warn your patients not to take herbal products for serious or potentially serious medical conditions, such as heart disease or bleeding disorders, unless they're under a ...

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