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July 2003, Volume 33 Number 7 , p 76 - 79




  • Challenge yourself and refresh your knowledge.

  • Answers

  • Challenge yourself and refresh your knowledge.

    1. What intracellular structure (organelle) is responsible for producing cellular energy (adenosine triphosphate)?

    a. ribosome

    b. mitochondria

    c. Golgi apparatus

    2. Which endocrine gland regulates other glands to maintain homeostasis?

    a. thyroid

    b. pituitary

    c. adrenal

    3. In the fight-or-flight response, the rush of adrenaline is associated with what kind of behavior?

    a. panic or aggression

    b. crying and sadness

    c. withdrawal and depression

    4. The prodromal stage of a disease is when

    a. the disease reaches its full intensity.

    b. the body regains health and homeostasis.

    c. signs and symptoms are mild and nonspecific.

    5. A 63-year-old patient is diagnosed with carcinoma, which is a cancer that derives from what kind of tissue?

    a. epithelium

    b. liver

    c. bone marrow

    6. In which area of the breast do most tumors arise?

    a. upper outer quadrant

    b. lower inner quadrant

    c. areolar area

    7. A patient of Celtic ancestry knows that he's at increased risk for developing malignant melanoma and asks you how he can check himself for this disease. Which of the following would be the best recommendation?

    a. He should check existing moles for changes, such as enlargement or discoloration.

    b. He should check his body once a year for new growths.

    c. He should be especially concerned about skin tags under his arm.

    8. During her annual gynecologic examination, a patient mentions that she's pregnant. You know from previous visits that she has cats, so you advise her to

    a. be sure that they're tested for and vaccinated against feline leukemia.

    b. have someone else change the litter. ...

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