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May 2003, Volume 33 Number 5 , p 68 - 68




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  • Choosing a dysphagia diet

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  • Abstract

    Use these tips to ensure dysphagic patients get adequate nutrition.

    NUTRITION THERAPY is important for a patient who's having trouble swallowing, which affects the types and amounts of food he can eat. Because this patient is at risk for aspiration, a speech therapist should recommend the types and consistency of foods that would be safest for him. (See Choosing a dysphagia diet , below.)

    Besides dietary recommendations, other interventions that can help ensure adequate nutrition include:

    * providing mouth care immediately before meals to help improve taste

    * encouraging the patient to rest before meals so he's not too tired to eat

    * offering him small, frequent meals

    * minimizing or eliminating distractions so he can focus his attention ...

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