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May 2003, Volume 33 Number 5 , p 32cc7 - 32cc7


  • Connie Barden RN, CCNS, CCRN, MSN



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  • Abstract

    A nursing leader speaks out on working together to solve problems.

    Figure. No caption available. Q. What are the most important social, economic, and demographic trends affecting U.S. health care delivery in 2003?

    A. The availability of medical information, budget issues, and aging of the population are the top trends affecting health care. Because more patients and their families are seeking and obtaining health care information through the Internet and other media, they arrive at the hospital better educated and more discerning than ever. With heightened media coverage of medical errors and the nursing shortage, patients understandably are concerned.

    Without question, economics will continue to challenge our health care system. Many hospitals face serious budget crises at a time when they must invest significantly in recruiting and retaining ...

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