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December 2002, Volume 32 Number 12 , p 24 - 24


  • Jennifer Kim RN, CS, MSN


© 2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Volume 32(12)             December 2002             p 24 How strictly should a patient with C. difficile be isolated? [CLINICAL QUERIES]

Kim, Jennifer RN, CS, MSN

Jennifer Kim is an instructor of nursing at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville, Tenn. Clinical Queries is coordinated by Joan E. King, RN, C, ACNP, ANP, PhD, program director for the acute care nurse practitioner program at Vanderbilt University.

My patient, Mr. Ash, is recovering from a total hip arthroplasty performed a week ago. He's incontinent of stool and having diarrhea. Because he's tested positive for Clostridium difficile , the staff has implemented contact isolation precautions. His son visits daily, and Mr. Ash wants to accompany him outside to smoke. Should we let Mr. Ash go?—K.B., N.Y.

Jennifer Kim, RN, CS, MSN, replies: A ...

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