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Professional Case Management

August 2014, Volume 19 Number 4 , p 196 - 199


  • Jayne Skehan RN, BSN, MSN


Have you ever wanted to publish an article or had a great idea that you would like to see in print? The goal of CM Matters is to be a reflection of what you're doing and how you're dealing with challenges and triumphs. We hope you are enjoying CM Matters and will share some of the "how-tos, whys, and WOWs" of your case management experience. CM Matters is designed to give you an opportunity to show how case management matters and how, as a case manager, you have affected individuals, stakeholders, systems, cost-savings, and outcomes or just about anything else that is important to you and your colleagues.CM Matters welcomes you and invites you to submit articles, stories, practice tips, reflections, and revelations. How has CM changed you and/or how have you affected the lives of others? All inquiries, questions, comments, and manuscripts should be submitted via e-mail to: or by mail to Lynn S. Muller, P.O. Box 164, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. If you have an idea for an article but would like to discuss it, provide contact information in your e-mail and you will be contacted by your preferred method.CM Matters is off to a great start and we look forward to hearing from many of you.WELCOME to CM Matters!!!!Lynn S. MullerOne would have thought that by 2014, the issue of workplace bullying would be a thing of the past, but regrettably, it has become increasingly prevalent in health care and there are significant data to support bullying befalls and carries devastation. The zone of silence that surrounds and insulates this surreptitious behavior is real. In an environment in which bullying is not addressed, it often spreads. Ramifications of workplace bullying affect employees as well as patients and can lead to decreased reimbursement, unsafe conditions, and increases in errors, in addition to an overall negative reputation for an organization. Recently, studies have suggested that there is a direct correlation between professional nursing educational programs

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