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November 2012, Volume 42 Number 11 , p 69 - 69


  • Jennifer Belavic PharmD, BCPS, FASCP


Do you know what they contain? Match the brand names in Section I with the generic ingredients in Section II._____ 1. Forteo (Eli Lilly and Co.)_____ 2. Premarin (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc.)_____ 3. Evista (Eli Lilly and Co.)_____ 4. Boniva (Roche Therapeutics Inc.)This selective estrogen receptor modulator works by decreasing bone resorption and bone turnover and increasing bone mineral density (BMD). Used for both treatment and prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, it carries a boxed warning about the increased risk of venous thromboembolism and death from stroke.Classified as a bisphosphonate, this drug inhibits osteoclast activity and reduces bone resorption and turnover, which increases BMD. Atypical femur fractures are associated with this drug for reasons that aren't fully understood. More common adverse reactions include back pain, dyspepsia, and myalgia.This drug has been shown to slow bone remodeling and protect bone mass when used with calcium. It carries a boxed

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