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November 2012, Volume 42 Number 11 , p 13 - 13



WHILE WE GENERALLY THINK of anniversaries when a year marker comes around, the Transitions column was a completely new department in Nursing2012 a year ago, so "Happy Birthday" seems more appropriate. I thought that we could celebrate our first year together by remembering what we hoped to accomplish and reviewing some of the things we've talked about.A year ago, we started on a journey to explore issues in the care of those at end of life: real nurses providing real care to real people. From the beginning, the Transitions department was meant to be interactive-I'd share my experiences and you'd share yours. For that reason I started with a personal story about a time when I experienced end of life as both a nurse and as a family member. Many of you responded to my invitation to chat and I compiled a list of topics you suggested. I spent time going through the evidence related to the topics that readers had identified, then sat down to pull the pieces together. But I always remembered

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