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Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

December 2012, Volume 27 Number 6 , p 495 - 504


  • Patricia H. Strachan PhD, RN
  • Sonya de Laat MA
  • Sandra L. Carroll PhD, RN
  • Lisa Schwartz PhD
  • Katie Vaandering BScN
  • Gurjit K. Toor BScN
  • Heather M. Arthur PhD, FESC


Conclusions:Print-based patient education materials for ICD candidates are geared to a highly literate population. The focus on positive information to the exclusion of potentially negative aspects of the ICD, or alternatives to accepting 1, could influence and/or confuse patients about the purpose and implications of this medical device. Development of print materials is indicated that includes information about possible problems and that would be relevant for the multicultural and debilitated population who may require ICDs. The findings are highly relevant for nurses who care for primary prevention ICD candidates.

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