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Infants & Young Children - Featured Journal

December 2012, Volume 25 Number 4 , p 346 - 353


  • Ibrahim H. Diken PhD
  • Pinar Bayhan PhD
  • Figen Turan PhD
  • R. Firat Sipal PhD
  • Bulbin Sucuoglu PhD
  • Hatice Ceber-Bakkaloglu PhD
  • Mintaze Kerem Gunel PhD
  • Ozgun Kaya Kara MS


The purpose of this article was to provide an overview of early childhood intervention and early childhood special education (ECI/ECSE) services and practices in Turkey by using the Developmental System Approach (M. J. ). After pointing out the history of early childhood and ECI/ECSE services and current legislations with regard to ECI/ECSE in Turkey, the article focuses on ECI/ECSE practices in Turkey. Although ECI/ECSE legislative acts have been in place since 1980s, there are critical issues regarding the provision of systematic ECI/ECSE both to young children with developmental delays or at risk for developmental delays and to their families. These issues include lack of a model system approach, lack of assessment tools and curricula, and lack of qualified personnel. Future recommendations for ECI/ECSE are provided.

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