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Cancer Nursing

October 2012, Volume 35 Number 5 , p 397 - 397


  • Chia-Chin Lin PhD, RN


Our research teams have conducted several studies on pain education programs for cancer patients. In addition to results that show that pain education decreases pain levels, we found that cancer patients who received pain education reported a significant improvement in their level of satisfaction with physicians and nurses for pain management. More important, greater satisfaction with pain management was also related to better analgesic adherence. Our study findings1,2 indicate it is important for healthcare providers to consider patient satisfaction when designing strategies intended to improve patient and family adherence to pain management regimens in a clinical setting. Patient satisfaction with pain management regimens is a significant factor that influences medication adherence.Our studies detail how healthcare providers provide pain education programs that contribute to improving patient satisfaction with pain management. Long-term engagements consisting of multiple face-to-face

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