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Critical Care Nursing Quarterly

September 2012, Volume 35 Number 3 , p 241 - 246


  • Heather L. Evans MD, MS
  • Elizabeth McNamara RN, MN
  • John B. Lynch MD, MPH
  • Jeannie D. Chan PharmD, MPH
  • Mark Taylor RN
  • Timothy H. Dellit MD


Critically ill patients are particularly at risk for developing hospital-acquired infections. An understanding of the predisposing factors, the epidemiology of disease, and guidelines to treat and to prevent hospital-acquired infections is necessary to incorporate infection control into the daily care of the critically ill trauma patient. Although it remains a challenge, infection control programs have moved from providing surveillance data and guidelines recommendations to implementation and engagement programs aimed at a shared responsibility for hospital-acquired infections prevention. We describe a multidisciplinary approach to infection control in the critically ill trauma patient with a special focus on ventilator-associated pneumonia at a level 1 trauma and burn center.

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