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April 2012, Volume 42 Number 4 , p 16 - 16


  • Kaitlin C. Steltzer ASN, RN


NURSING SCHOOL CAN prepare you for some of what you'll experience as an RN-it can prepare you to successfully hang your first I.V. bag, insert your first urinary catheter or nasogastric tube, and especially recognize the need for a rapid response team. But it certainly can't prepare you for everything.Besides being a nursing student, I work as a nursing assistant for a home health agency. One of my patients has taught me more about therapeutic care and being a strong patient advocate than any clinical rotation ever could. Here I'll call the patient Hope because she instills in me the desire to find a way to communicate for all my patients and gives me confidence that I can make a difference in my patients' quality of life.A beautiful 6-year-old girl, Hope is truly a miracle. Born with a rare chromosomal abnormality, she underwent multiple surgeries for congenital heart defects and hip dysplasia shortly after birth.Hope has global developmental delays as well as multiple physical abnormalities,

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