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March 2012, Volume 42 Number 3 , p 66 - 67



1. A patient has chest pain rated at 8 on a 10-point visual analog scale. The 12-lead ECG reveals ST-segment elevation in the inferior leads, and serum troponin levels are elevated. Which of the following is your highestpriority? Monitor daily weights and urine output. Permit unrestricted visitation by family and friends. Educate the patient about medications and diet. Reduce pain and myocardial oxygen demand. 2. You're caring for a patient who was diagnosed with an anterior wall myocardial infarction 2 days ago. During assessment, you identify a new systolic murmur at the apex. Which of the following should you do first? a. Assess for changes in vital signs. b. Draw blood for arterial blood gas analysis. c. Evaluate heart sounds with the patient leaning forward. d. Obtain a 12-lead ECG. 3. A patient with chest pain is receiving I.V. morphine sulfate. Which of the following are intended effects of morphine for this patient? (Check all that apply.) a. reduces myocardial

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