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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association

February 2012, Volume 4 Number 1 , p 55 - 57


  • Victoria Garcia-Albea


The Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD)'s 37th Annual Meeting was held on July 7-10, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. With 36 faculty and at least 350 attendees, the meeting offered a single track of didactic sessions focusing on pediatric dermatology. Lecture topics included bullous diseases in children, incontinentia pigmenti, albinism, mastocytosis, acne, vitamin D, phototherapy use in children, pruritus, food allergy, tanning salons, lymphomas and lymphomatoid papulosis, hemangiomas, and immunizations in children with systemic disease and children who are on systemic medications.The meeting kicked off Friday morning with an introduction and welcome from course directors Buddy Cohen, MD, and Kate Puttgen, MD, from Johns Hopkins University and Andrea Zaenglein, MD, from Penn State University.An interesting feature of the meeting was the short duration of each lecture. There were some quick case presentations, which took 5 to 15 minutes to discuss, including questions from the audience. Most lectures did not exceed 30 minutes. This allowed the course directors to feature a larger variety of topics and speakers, maintain a lively pace, and also helped retain audience attention.Friday also featured the presentation of several research grant awards presented by Dr. Al Lane, MD, from Stanford University. The SPD was pleased to award $50,000 in grant money this year alone.Friday continued with two dedicated lectures. Dr. Mebratu Ketema Tabor, MD, from Tanzania, who described the Pediatric Albino Care Program in Moshi, Tanzania, gave the Developing Country Award and Lecture. The Founders Lecture focused on mastocytosis and was delivered by Dr. Antonio Torello, MD, from Spain.Dr. Diane Thiboutot, MD, delivered a comprehensive lecture about the systemic treatment of acne, wherein she discussed the use of oral antibiotics (tetracyclines and other classes), oral isotretinoin, oral contraceptives, spironolactone, oral dapsone, and oral prednisone.The lectures concluded with Sam

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