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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association

December 2011, Volume 3 Number 6 , p 379 - 380


  • Christina P. Linton


CONFIGURATION - Refers to the shape or outline of skin lesions. The grouping, pattern, or shape of skin lesions may guide diagnostic decisions because many skin conditions have a characteristic configuration.ANNULAR - Ring-like arrangement.Example:Granuloma annulareARCUATE - Half-moon or arc shaped. Also called arciform.Example: Wells' syndromeCIRCINATE - Circular or ringlike in shape.Example:Erythema migransCOALESCING - Fusing of originally separate parts.Example: Darier's diseaseCONFLUENT - Joining or running together.Example: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancyCRESCENTIC - Shaped like a crescent moon (the moon in its first quarter).Example:Erythema marginatumDISCRETE - Separate, distinct lesions that are not joined to one another.Example:Molluscum contagiosumGEOGRAPHIC - Resembling the outlines of a map.Example: Geographic tongueGEOMETRIC - Arranged in geometric forms such as circles or angular lines.Example: PhytophotodermatitisGROUPED - Clustered together.Example:Hidradenitis

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