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December 2011, Volume 41 Number 12 , p 20 - 21


  • Patricia Smith Conroy BSN, RN


HAVE YOU EVER wondered how far nurses walk during a shift? Using pedometers to capture objective data, nurses on the pediatric unit at Virginia Baptist Hospital in Lynchburg, Va., attempted to answer this question.The objectives of our "Pediatric Nurses on the Move" project, which was inspired by a similar project at my church, were to collect data on the distance the pediatric unit nurses walk at work, increase awareness of the benefits of walking, provide a fun activity for the staff as a reward for recycling (the source of the funds needed), and promote environmental conservation. First, consider the benefits of walking.One study collected data demonstrating "that walking is a signi ficant component of inpatient nursing care."1 Research studies have shown a relationship between occupational physical activity levels and a lower risk of certain health issues.2 Stanford University School of Medicine researchers evaluated how using pedometers affected adults' physical activity and health

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