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September 2011, Volume 41 Number 9 , p 68 - 68


  • Denise D. Hayes MSN, RN, CRNP


1. Which finding indicates an abnor-mality of cranial nerve (CN) XII? a. unilateral absence of the gag reflex b. difficulty raising the head off the pillow c. absent corneal reflex d. dysarthria2. What instruction should you give a patient before assessing CN IX and CN X? a. "Raise both eyebrows." b. "Frown." c. "Puff out both cheeks." d. "Say 'ah.'"3. Which term best describes the inability to identify a safety pin by touch? a. apraxia b. anomia c. agnosia d. aphasia4. A patient points to the phone and calls it a "logper." What term best describes this? a. circumlocution b. neologism c. verbal paraphrasia d. anomia5. Which assessment finding is most likely in a patient admitted with a traumatic brain injury -involving the occipital lobe? a. nonfluent (expressive) aphasia b. loss of position sense c. alteration in auditory reception d. inability to identify colors6. An accumulation of blood -between the dura mater and -arachnoid best describes a. cerebral contusion.

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