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Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association

August 2011, Volume 3 Number 4 , p 230 - 231


  • Christina P. Linton


ASYMMETRIC - Unequal shape from side to side.Example: Dysplastic nevusCEREBRIFORM - Resembling the convolutions of the brain surface.Example: Proteus syndromeCIRCUMSCRIBED - Limited or confined, bounded by a line.Example: Cherry hemangiomaCRATERIFORM - A bowl-shaped cavity.Example: Pitted keratolysisDIGITATE - Finger-like shape.Example: Digitate wartDISCOID - Round, circular, resembling a disk. Also known as nummular.Example: Discoid lupus erythematosusDOME-SHAPED - Rounded, hemispheric.Example: Molluscum contagiosumFILIFORM - Thread-like.Example: Filiform wartFLAT-TOPPED - Evenly elevated, like a mesa.Example: Lichen planusGUTTATE - Drop-like.Example: Guttate psoriasisHALO - A zone surrounding a central lesion, area, or object.Example: Halo nevusIRIS - Concentric rings of various color shades.Example: Erythema multiformeIRREGULAR - Not of regular or symmetrical form; unevenly shaped.Example: MelanomaNUMMULAR - Round, coin-shaped lesion. Also known as discoid.Example: Nummular eczemaPEDUNCULATED

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